About Us

What is Crossways

Crossways provides a professional and confidential counselling service for adults (age 18+) in the Haslemere area. Its counsellors are trained to Diploma level and beyond in counselling and abide by the code of ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy of which it is a member. They are all practising Christians and work under regular supervision.

Who comes for counselling?

Counselling is offered to all, regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation, religious or ethnic origin, and can offer help to individuals experiencing a variety of difficulties such as: stress, depression anxiety or confusion, redundancy retirement or work related issues, relationship or family difficulties, bereavement or loss, abuse, sexual orientation and gender identity issues.
Crossways offers a supportive relationship within which thoughts and feelings around current or past difficulties can be safely shared and explored. Clients are helped to gain new insights into their situation, which may empower them to respond differently to their problems and difficulties.

How is Crossways funded?

Crossways is a registered charity and does not make a fixed charge for counselling sessions – clients are invited to contribute on a sliding scale of ability to pay: no-one is denied counselling through lack of money. Although counsellors offer their services voluntarily, rent, travel, professional and administrative support, and other essential overheads means that each consultation costs Crossways £45. £10 covers a week’s telephone calls. Every gift Crossways received helps the clients. If you would like to share in this vital work, please see the Support Us page for more information.

We are grateful to our local community for their support – in particular, St Bartholomew’s, St Stephen’s, St Mary’s Chiddingfold, Grayswood and St John’s Churt churches, Manormead Chapel, The Community Foundation for Surrey, Haslemere Town Council, The Shottermill War Memorial Trust  and several generous private donors who wish to remain anonymous.

All contributions are very welcome.